If you don't already know Amber Lynn Natusch, buckle up. Unborn and Unseen are fantastic stories of urban fantasy melded with Greek mythology. The end of book two left my jaw on the floor. I can't wait for the third installment to be released! Be sure to catch her other urban fantasy, Caged.

Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win six signed paperbacks, including Vesik 1-4, Unborn, Unseen and a mini-Worrible!

Dragon Con is less than two weeks away! What?! How did that happen? I'll be on eleven panels over the weekend, and you can probably find me stalking the bar over at the Westin intermittently as well. I hope to see some of you there! You can check out my schedule by clicking here.


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Am I excited? This is going to be my first Dragon Con, and I'm going to have to put some effort into finding that delicate balance between fanboy and professional and, who am I kidding? ;)

I hope to see some of you down in Atlanta! I have so much respect for the panelists I'll be participating with. Gah! So excited to meet new faces and see some old friends again. 

Here's my tentative schedule:


Title: Mission Statement: Objectives in Urban Fantasy
Description: Authors discuss stated protagonist goals in the genre: protecting the human world from the supernatural, or vice versa.
Time: Fri 10:00 am Location: Chastain ED - Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Faith Hunter, Carrie Vaughn, S. J. Harper, Julie Kenner, Eric R Asher, Gail Z. Martin)

Title: Grimm - Did they go there?
Description: What just happened? Did they? Did he? And then she...

We journeyed back down to Kentucky, which probably surprises no one, but the day we were leaving I had a rather large mystery box show up at our door. I opened it to find something I most assuredly didn't order. It's probably the coolest and funniest thing anyone outside my family has ever sent me. You never know what's going to happen with Colleen Hoover and Murphy Rae (but definitely not Tarryn).


The signing itself was a blast, meeting some 

If someone is pointing a camera at you, they're probably going to use it for something ...

Tish Thawer is even cooler than you think.

Sarah J Pepper can unintentionally cut out your heart and make funny squishy noises with it all at the same time.

Stacey Rourke, Level Two. You are awesome, and one day this joke will stop, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY! ;)

Sometimes temporary tattoos last a bit longer than expected. *cough* Kristina *cough*

Giant Worribles 

The Winter's Demon audiobook went live today! If you enjoyed the first two on audiobook, you're going to love Winter's Demon. Now available at Audible, iTunes, and Amazon. If you haven't checked out any Vesik audiobooks yet, don't forget you can download the Days Gone Bad ebook at Amazon for free and add the Audible narration for only $1.99.

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