This Broken World, the fourth Vesik title, is now available at iBooksAmazonB&N, and Kobo!

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This Broken World

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This Broken World, the fourth Vesik title, is now available for pre-order at iBooksAmazonB&N, and Kobo!

We're doing another signed paperback giveaway to celebrate!


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Where do I even start? COME TO PENNED CON NEXT YEAR! This was hands down one of the most fun conventions I've ever been to as a writer, or a reader. I met more awesome people than I could possibly hope to list here. Even more amazing? The convention raised over $11,000.00 for the Action For Autism charity! Thanks to everyone who was there and helped make it an unforgettable experience.

A few quick highlights:

I told Colleen Hoover I was going to get a T-shirt made of the photo we took with Tarryn Fisher in Oklahoma. She seemed skeptical, so I showed up to our panel wearing it. Oh yeah, did I mention I had a panel with COLLEEN HOOVER? :)


Not just Colleen. Mark Coker of Smashwords (who's an encyclopedia of publishing knowledge) was on our panel, along with these two awesome people, Jasinda and Jack Wilder. Jasinda gave a stellar, inspiring keynote speech at Penned Con. Go get The Missionary. It's a visceral look at the terrifying problem of human trafficking. It's dark, but there's more to it. You will not be disappointed!


Tara Sivec. Passion and Ponies. I've had a few people tell me how hilarious this book is, but I just didn't understand until 

Red Dirt 2014 was great! I was thrilled to get a chance to participate in the benefit for Moore, Oklahoma.

It was a blast meeting so many readers and authors in person for the first time. One of the highlights for me was spending some time with Jaz Primo, Tarryn Fisher, and Colleen Hoover. Tarryn and Colleen both went home with Worribles. Mission accomplished! ;)

I've since read Ugly Love by Colleen and Mud Vein by Tarryn. Seriously? Even if they aren't your usual genre, these books are superb!

Big thanks to Lindsay Sparkes, Christine Brae, and Nicole Janko for putting together a fantastic convention!



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My name is Damian Valdis Vesik. I am a necromancer. My master and I vanquished many evils in times gone by. Now, something is releasing a new evil, forcing us to hunt an enemy beyond anything I’ve faced before. Our abilities are feared and hated as much as the powers we set ourselves against. I was already busy enough with vampires, fairies, witches, Watchers, weddings, and … damn, I need a vacation.


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